Welcome to La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry

Welcome to La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry, where we blend the art of personalized care with a deep commitment to enhancing your overall well-being and performance in both sports and life. Our concierge psychiatrists offer an elevated level of specialized medical care, as our physicians provide a modern approach to managing your mental health. The psychiatrists at La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry offer an unparalleled level of service to their clients and an individualized approach to psychiatry.

One of our specialites is a specific focus on performance psychiatry. Seeing a performance psychiatrist can help you harness the power of your mind, enabling you to truly conquer concentration, sharpen focus, and unlock your true potential whether it be personally, professionally, or athletically. With the guidance of a performance psychiatrist, you can gain a competitive edge by building mental resilience, managing stress, and developing the psychological skills necessary to excel in high-pressure situations.

Our psychiatrists see children, adolescents and adults; however, please inquire for more details. La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry offers comprehensive mental health treatment, including multiple therapy modalities and medication management. For integrative, evidence-based care, call La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry or schedule an appointment online today.

Our Physicians

Brook Choulet MD


Concierge Sports & Performance Psychiatrist
Seeing children, adolescents, & adults

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Matthew Montgomery, MD


Concierge Performance Psychiatrist
Seeing adolescents & adults

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